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For a while now, researchers and doctors are slowly discovering the potential of CBD as a treatment for a variety of serious illnesses. Controlling spasms is one of the health problems that have high chances of being treated with the help of CBD, which is, in comparison with the existent drugs, a natural and risk-free vegetal product.

Thus, CBD could help children that are suffering from infantile spasms and people that were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and have to deal with spasticity, as these two are just some of the illnesses that have spams on their list of symptoms.

In fact, things are already moving in the right direction, as the FDA already approved the usage of pharmaceutical cannabidiol. Manufactured and provided by Insys Therapeutics, Inc., as treatment for infantile spasms.

CBD for Spasm: Epilepsy in children

CBD for Spasm: Epilepsy in children

The infantile spasms condition, known as the West Syndrome, is a severe form of epilepsy that affects infants and children. The development of the children suffering from this condition is severely impaired, as the brain and the body cannot unroll their regular functions due to the often occurrence of the spasms.

The purpose of using CBD for spasms, in this case, is to help the affected children to gain a better control over their bodies, significantly reducing the occurrence of spasms, so that they can resume their development at a more efficient rate.

The clinical trials that are taking place at the UCLA could change the lives of these children, and of their families, by offering hope and the possibility of leading a life that is as close as possible to normality.

CBD for Spasms: The Research for a solution

CBD for Spasms: The Research for a solutionThe reason researchers started to look for solutions in other types of treatment is that there are many children that did not respond to the existing treatments. Thus, they are under the constant risk for this severe disease to produce damage on their development, both on a short and long term. Which is going to affect their entire lives.

At the moment, children suffering from infantile spasms have very limited treatment options or no options at all, having their bodies and lives entirely controlled by a debilitating illness. If the trial with CBD will turn out to be successful, then they will have the incredible chance of getting rid of the destructive symptoms produced by the West Syndrome.

And they are not the only ones that will benefit from this breakthrough in the medical world, as there are many other patients suffering from spasms, due to the health conditions that are producing them.

CBD for Spasms: Why CBD?

CBD-CannabidiolWhy was CBD chosen, when there are so many other types of cannabinoids identified in cannabis?

In all, CBD is the one that has the greatest potential when it comes to being used as a treatment for a multitude of health conditions.

It can produce the desired effect on the body, by reducing the symptoms that are affecting one’s life quality, but without triggering any unwanted side effects, like THC would.

Although THC showed anti-convulsive actions in the case of animal models, researchers believe that, in the case of children,

CBD is much safer and efficient. The CBD that will be provided by Insys Therapeutics, Inc. will have a concentration of 99.5% cannabidiol in a pure state.

This laboratory-developed product will have an identical structure with the one that is extracted from the plant. Although it will be created in an environment that is controlled entirely, to avoid any unwanted contamination of the product.

CBD for Spasms: CBD & the West Syndrom

CBD for Spasms: CBD & the West SyndromThe worst part about the West Syndrome is that the illness appears very early in the life of a child. In the first year of life, usually around 4 to 8 months of age, an infant may start showing the first symptoms of infantile spasms.

The seizures cause the body to bend, forming an arch, while the arms and legs of the child stiffen. Some infants arch their back while putting their arms and legs forward, as their muscles contract violently and all of a sudden.

Thus, it is easy to see why a treatment with CBD is more than needed in this case. With its help, children suffering from this syndrome would have a chance to live in a calm and spasm-free manner. While allowing their bodies to develop normally.

CBD for Spasms: Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis, an illness that can affect anyone with ages between 15 and 60 years old, also has a chance to be treated with the help of CBD.

The illness causes the body’s own immune system to attack the protective layer of the nerves. Which, in time, affects the communication between a person’s brain and the rest of the body.

If the illness passes through the protective layer and gets to the nerves, then they can get permanently damaged. This is a kind of disease that can lead to disabilities, as patience risk losing their ability to walk.

Of course, the way multiple sclerosis manifests depends very much on the organism of each person that is suffering from it, so there is no typical pattern when it comes to the evolution of this illness.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for it either. As the current treatments focus on helping patients recover faster after an attack and gives them the ability to mange symptoms in a more efficient manner.

CBD for Spasms: Muscle Spasm, Tremors & Pain

Thus, patients suffering from multiple sclerosis will experience tingling, numbness, or weakness in their limbs, difficulties when speaking, a vision that can be partially impaired, tremors, difficulties in coordination, dizziness, and fatigue.

In severe cases, muscle spasms and stiffness may occur, together with the possibility of epilepsy to get installed and other unwanted symptoms.

Current studies discovered that CBD has an incredible potential of becoming the new treatment for multiple sclerosis, as some patients decided to try CBD on their own, noticing a significant decreasing of their tremors, pain, and dysfunctions of the bladder.

Animal models were also used in order to study the anti-spastic properties of CBD. It appears that the cannabinoid receptors in the body do their job in an effective manner after the administration of CBD, reducing the frequency and intensity of spasms in the limbs.

Thus, we have to look at the future with hope, as CBD promises to be a treatment that will improve the lives of very many people out there, infants and adults alike, improving their mobility and diminishing their pain.

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